SPECIAL 2019 Paramoor 'Doris' Riesling

The ‘Doris’ is reminiscent of sun-drenched orchard and grove this vintage.  Intense apple and lime citrus dominate the palate, with a driving acidity that bodes well for aging.   Vintage information Vintage 2019 Grape varieties Riesling Seal Screw cap Alcohol (ABV) 11.8%

2017 Paramoor 'Kathleen' Shiraz

As with previous vintages of this outstanding wine, the 2017 ‘Kathleen’ Shiraz exhibits a deep velvety red colour and vibrant blackberry flavours.  These flavours are followed by a long blackcurrant liqueur (cassis) finish, accompanied by vanilla and other complexities.  Awarded bronze in the 2018 Victorian…
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2016 Paramoor 'Maxwell Leonard' Shiraz

Careful winemaking has produced a spicy, elegant wine with vibrant blackcurrant and berry flavours.  The ‘Maxwell Leonard’ has a good length on the palate, and will mature well. Vintage information Vintage 2016 Grape varieties Shiraz Seal Diam cork Alcohol (Alc/Vol) 14.5%

2015 Paramoor 'Tabitha' Pinot Noir

A delicious, medium-bodied Pinot Noir with lots of cherry and plum flavours.  As with all Pinot Noirs produced in this very cool climate, there are also spices on the palate.   Vintage information Vintage 2015 Grape varieties Pinot Noir Seal Diam cork Alcohol (Alc/Vol) 13.6%